I probably seem so creepy but I just saw your starched yarn and I was wondering what you used for it!? I'm doing a project very similar to that and I haven't found anything that works so well! What's your secreeettt??

Tumblr isn’t letting me answer this privately, but I figure other people might want to know how I did it, too, so here we go:

I tried two stiffeners: a 50/50 mix of elmers glue and water, and then a “concentrated liquid starch” called Sta-Flo. It’s the only starch I’ve tried, I’m not sure how other brands work. I used it to stiffen some fabric awhile back and it worked really well then, too.

The results for both stiffeners was about the same, but the glue mixture left a residue and adhered the yarn to the balloons so I had to gently pry them apart. I’ll probably use just the starch in the future because of that, but if you can’t find a starch that is strong enough, the glue mixture works really well, too.